Buy a real estate property

Investing in a rental property consists in buying a property to rent it in order to earn additional income and develop assets. The investment could be optimized. More informations : .   The choice of a rental investment allows you to increase your assets smoothly and to benefit, once the purchase is amortized, from a significant additional income. As long as you make the right choices.

Before investing in real estate

Before investing in a property, the future buyer will have to take into account the location of the property he wants. It should promote an environment without vis-à-vis, for example. Before taking the necessary measures, it is essential to contact the town hall services to obtain information on any construction work planned in the vicinity of the future property. In the case where the investment concerns a rental house, it is important to invest in an area where the sector is attractive. A tension zone will be particularly suitable. The future buyer will have to choose to invest in the old or the new. The income from an investment in a new property is more valuable. This type of housing is also more practical, as it meets environmental and sustainable regulatory criteria. In addition, the buyer will benefit from reduced notary fees, only 2 to 3% in new buildings, compared to 6 or 7% in the oldest. The choice of financing procedure is also one of the parameters to be taken into account when buying a property. It is preferable to take out a mortgage loan, even if the future buyer can afford to pay cash. The surface area of the house plays a role in the decision. The larger the latter, the greater the amount of rent collected.

The purchase of new real estate

The purchase of new real estate allows you to benefit from advantages such as reduced notary fees, a temporary exemption or a tax exemption, in the event of a rental investment… By simply buying a new house, you benefit from reduced notary fees. By investing in rental property, you can, under the Pinel law, benefit from a tax advantage, provided you comply with specific obligations. This benefit depends on the duration of your devotion and increases in proportion to the length of time you rent your home.

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