The BBC very low consumption house

A BBC house is a very low energy house that releases very little carbon dioxide. The BBC house, which actually means Low Consumption Building, is therefore extremely ecological. For more informations, contact the professionnals Label-properties . The BBC house must be built in accordance with all the 2012 thermal regulations as well as at exactly the same time, respecting a number of rules.

Energy savings

To begin, the focus will be on maximising the contribution of the sun to the BBC’s home in order to achieve significant energy savings. Indeed, the sun provides both heat and light, so it is vital to make the most of it in order to limit the use of third party energy for these purposes. Discover Property for sale Cannes . The walls of the house and the roof should be as well insulated as possible because the thermal insulation material has a direct influence on the energy input. Moreover, since you will have understood it, the 2012 RT intends to lose as much as possible the requirements of its occupants of a house to be able to reduce their energy consumption. The use of renewable energies is a new requirement of this 2012 thermal regulation because it significantly reduces your energy consumption to the extent that you subsequently use renewable energies. In addition, very often, these renewable energies contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, to have the BBC label, the house must have been checked for air permeability and energy. To be certified, you must treat any air leaks in your home.

Benefits granted to owners

Many advantages are granted to the owners of a house called BBC or Bâtiment Basse Consommation. As this type of housing consumes very little energy, the public authorities encourage their growth by granting them a tax burden. In the event of sale, it is easier to find a fantastic price for a house with minimal consumption compared to the conventional one. With energy prices still rising, he has a fantastic score with buyers. As there is no more rehabilitation in terms of energy performance, it is much easier to keep a high cost.

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