The services of the professional mover

To set up abroad, it is essential to call on a worldwide specialist mover with a vast network of correspondents. For more questions, contact Delahaye Moving. To receive first-rate assistance with this change, discover the services of an experienced professional near you. It is essential to have a means of transport for your furniture to go abroad.

The organization of an international move

It starts with you. It is your house that will have to be hammered and packed in moving boxes, without having to notice what is in each box. In reality, a detailed inventory will be required for habits. For a move from France, contact Paris removals . This inventory will include all moved objects, all numbered and labelled. The list should also be translated into the language. All this is part of the services in motion. The loading of your goods will take place. The crates will be stacked. For air travel, it will be necessary to use boxes in order to weigh less and therefore cheaper. Once at destination, it is possible to take care of customs clearance, transport to a new home and unloading… or to entrust everything to the regional representatives of the moving company’s partners.

Choose the ideal movers

When analysing your international relocation project, it is essential to take into account a few criteria. To choose the ideal movers for your move, it is very important to examine the different offers and also to have you contact a privileged interlocutor who will guide you through the actions. Some specialize in maritime transport, others in air transport, others propose groupage as part of maritime transport, i.e. sharing a container with other expatriates, which allows a significant drop in prices, depending on the destination country, the time you have available and the volume available. To be transferred, your selection can be transformed into a road network, rail network, sea freight or air freight.